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Each one of the great tools we have available goes a long way in helping you grow your brand and increase website traffic. However we realize that you may not need each one of the tools that we have. For instance you may need only the SEO landing page optimization tool along with the keyword research tool, but may not need any of the other tools. Or you may want only the social media marketing tools and the web Buzz monitoring tools and need none of the others. Or you may need to manage only one website or you may need to manage multiple websites. Point being is that we would like to custom design a plan designed only on the tools you need. Just contact us with the tools you need and we will contact you to get a few specific details on what you need out of each tool. We will then get back to you with a reasonable, annual price and soon you will be on your way to increasing your brand awareness as well as your website traffic. Prices start at $695 annually for a single site project and include a one hour Zoom training course to get you started. Multi-site agency packages are available with white label report branding and pricing is based on the number of sites and keywords needed to target and track. Payments accepted via paypal only.

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Are You an In-House SEO Team or Digital Agency?

The Industrial Strength SEO Platform allows you to create a professional workspace for SEO teams and digital marketing agencies, assign SEO tasks and automatically send professional-looking SEO reports to your clients or team members.