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Use Under-the-Radar Keywords Found in Google Search Console

Did you know that your site may be appearing in Google Search for keywords you haven’t seriously considered for SEO? These could be long-tail keywords and sometimes they’re short keywords you never thought of before. Some of them are ALREADY bringing you traffic!

To get keyword ideas you've probably overlooked, go to the Google Search Console tab in ​​Industrial Strength SEO’s long-tail keyword research tool. Optimize your site pages for the promising keywords you find there and get an easy-to-achieve traffic boost!

keyword placement tool

What You Get with Industrial Strength SEO

Use 23 pro-level SEO software tools

To do keyword research and check rankings, run in-depth SEO audits, monitor backlinks, conduct safe link building and link detox, social media analysis and competitor research.

Work as a team to achieve better results:

Delegate project management without providing full-level access to your own account. Reports of SEO issues from all tools will appear as To Do entries in Task Manager, where users can also complete a step by step plan.

Manage hundreds of client sites easily:

Add multiple projects and schedule SEO tasks in a batch, see progress at a glance using handy widgets, and then get in-depth marketing analytics for each site in the reports of each tool.

Get new SEO leads daily:

Embed a lead generation widget on your site where your site visitors can request an SEO report delivered with your brand by your email address. Convert these prospects easily into customers.

Set up a white-label marketing platform

Now you can host on your own domain as if it were developed by your own team. Assign user roles and scan limits to fit your budget. Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing and angelic support.

Impress your clients with beautiful SEO reports

Branded with your company logo and style. Create, schedule and customize reports with lots of marketing metrics and blended data. Send reports automatically on schedule.

Earn big profits by offering SEO services

Backed up by these best-of-breed digital marketing tools with an average marginal cost of $6/mo per project.

Get notified about serious changes in your metrics

Don't miss an important drop in rankings or backlinks or some other crucial event. Get an automatic report and take immediate action.

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Are You an In-House SEO Team or a Digital Agency?

The Industrial Strength SEO Platform allows you to create a professional workspace for SEO teams and digital marketing agencies, assign SEO tasks and automatically send professional-looking SEO reports to your clients or team members.