Digital Marketing Training

Learn All Of The Tips, Tricks, & Strategies You Need To Grow Your Brand And Reach Out To A Larger Audience Of Potential Customers & Clients

Hello. My name is  Jeff Loeber, and I am the president of JL Websites, Inc., a Rhinecliff NY based digital marketing company. I have been developing and promoting websites for a variety of regional clients since 1990, and I have been heavily involved in digital marketing and search engine optimization ever since it became a thing. I am familiar with all of the tips, tricks, and strategies necessary to increase website traffic, and optimize brand promotion by reaching out to a larger audience of potential clients or customers. This is literally decades worth of experience and it is this experience I will share with you by way of online digital marketing training via ZOOM.

My decades of experience is spread out amongst these many powerful and effective digital marketing tools. They are comprehensive, easy to use, yet can be a little overwhelming at first. There are so many great features that you will want to jump into each one of them right away. I will make myself available for a one hour training session via ZOOM to help you sort it all out, and get you on your way to becoming a digital marketing expert. You will learn how to fully optimize each landing page for the appropriate key words and phrases, how to set up and monitor reciprocal back links and much more. With my knowledge and these tools, you will be giving yourself a big jumpstart in the world of digital marketing and brand awareness for a fraction of the cost of out-sourcing these important tasks to a digital marketing company. With the ZOOM connection we will be able to share screens, and I will walk you through each of the features to get you started.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to build your brand online and increase qualified website traffic.  All of the knowledge that has gone into this abundance of training, resources, tools, and information is crucial to embarking on successful digital marketing campaigns. It is perfect for in-house marketing and SEO needs, enabling you to save money over out-sourcing to agencies by bringing these tasks in-house. Also excellent for those who need to provide custom branded reporting to employers or customers. 

The annual cost for the suite of on-line digital marketing tools and the 1 hour, one-on-one training session is $695.

What I Will Teach You: